This year seems perfect for quinces. The trees are loaded with fruits and my harvest was about 30 kg. That was quite something, since last year most quinces started rotting at the trees. This was probably due to the wet September in 2015.
For years I am preparing a delicous liquor. Friends and family love it. Today, I am preparing quinch wine too. First, I want to try the wine. Second, quince aux de vin is regarded an extravagant delicacy. Just perfect for the microstill, I thought.
The harvest totaled six buckets of quinces. I was using the wine press and obtained 14 L of juice. For preparing the wine to each liter of juice I added, 140 g Sugar, 4 g citric acid, and 0.02 L yeast. The yeast was prepared in apple juice two days before. I have to confess not all 14 L went into the wine. Some of the juice I drank as it was. It was tasty and delicous; a slight sweetness but still refreshing.

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