Recent activities focussed on the recovery rates. What percentage of alcohol in the wash will be distilled? As a reference, I found a table in a book by Malle and Schmickl. They were using a pot still. To make the individual runs comparable the vapor temperature was measured. In general at a vapor temperature of 91 °C the tails were cut. In the graph, the pot still min and max values give the reported ranges.

I added a theoretical recovery rate (green), assuming a wash temperature of  97 °C at the tails cut and equilibrium conditions.

So far I have been able to evaluate two runs with the microstill. One run of a 8 % ABV wash had a recovery rate of 66 %. The product contained 44 % ABV. A second run of a 10 % ABV wine yielded 63 % recovery at a product of 50 % ABV. Those measurements compare well to recovery rates of pot stills.

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