Happily presenting the explainer video on the microstill. Have fun!

2 thoughts to “Explainer Video Posted

  • SwillMaker

    As I understand how this works, cold wash is continually and repeatedly pumped, it by bit, into a heated chamber where all of the various volatile factions are boiled off.

    Doesn’t this result in all the esters, various types of alcohols, congeners, etc being blended together? In other words, there is no possibility of separating foreshots, heads, hearts, and tails with this device. ??

    • Robert

      The microstill only allows one cut, hearts and tails. It is controlled by the chamber/column temperature.
      For that reason the microstill is perfectly suited stripping runs.
      If you are starting off with a high quality wash that contains little to no foreshots. Your spirit will be perfect without the need to cut foreshots.


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