Please find below the two Arduino codes required to make your microstill work.

The first program GetAddress is used to read the unique address of the temperature sensors. After the address has been read it needs to be inserted into the microstill code.


The second program microstill, runs the micrstill. After having adjusted the addresses of the two temperature sensors, load the code to the arduino to run the microstill.


2 thoughts to “Arduino Code Published

  • Roger jr De Rapp

    Hi, Sadly I don’t have an arduino and if possible I would like to avoid buying one unnecessarily. Is there a way to do it via a Raspberry Pi3 ?

    • Robert

      Unfortunately, I have no experience with Pi and I can not provide the code.
      The capabilities of Pi exceed Arduino by far, so controlling the microstill should be possible using the Pi.
      Actually, using an Arduino clone is not that expensive. They are starting at EUR 5, I think.


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