This ancient fruit tree, with broad and extended leaves, has been cultivated for more than 4000 years. Its large pink and white flowers can reach up to 5 cm and blossom in May. Its yellow and fleshy fruit is very fragrant. The quince fruits reaches maturity at the end of October. Its seeds have long been used as a remedy for cough and stomach pain.

The quinces, rich in pectin, are prepared to make an excellent quince jelly, fruit paste, as well as a very fine quince liquer. You might remember my quince wine. These days I had a first try. The quince flavour is as prevalent as in the juice. The dry taste goes well with the acidity. Measures yielded 10% ABV that is just right for the microstill.

The eau-de-vie is exeptional. The quince flavours are even stronger than in the wine. It is very fragrant in the nose, but will reveal all its flavor in the mouth.

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